We are thrilled to share one of the first games on the Cardano Block Chain! 

Gamification of SushiByte CNFTs:

Game Time

Adds utility & functionality to your CNFT


Increases the value of your CNFT

Rubik's Cube

Brings the FUN! 

SushiBytes Battle Game2.png

Battle Game


Summer 2021:

  • Sushi Fights Public Beta. Anyone can start leveling up their SushiBytes.

  • This is the only time when you can play as much as you want without incurring any costs.

  • Leaderboards

  • View other SushiBytes and their levels.

Fall 2021:

  • Migrate Sushi Fights to on chain via smart contracts, with a goal of preserving each SushiBytes' experience points / levels.

  • Improving game mechanics to account for additional SushiByte abilities.

  • More user interactions to determine the outcome of battles.

  • Trade sushibytes directly on

Winter 2021:

  • Add micro economies for SushiByte

fan art Gallery

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sushibyte catch!

Play the mini game by using the SushiBytes in your wallet.

SushiBytes By the price (3).png

SushiBytes are deliciously cute NFT art collectables. They are generated algorithmically from skillfully hand-drawn 'bits'. The unique bits bring fun, rarity, and LIFE to the SushiBytes. 

Only 10K SushiBytes will ever be minted. They will all be special and cute. Some will be more rare than others. A few will be ultra rare (like ninja rare!)

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rarity tables

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Game developer
Untitled design.png
story telling
high-tech PM
Software Developer

Our team is made up of six friends who attended university together. We draw upon the diverse skills and talents of each person to bring this dream to life! We dream of a brighter future, a future with more love and trust in the world. A world that values creativity and fun.

SushiBytes exists for the dreamers, the gamers, the creators, the inner child. The 90s Nintendo era, where we draw our inspiration from, was a decade of innovation. As children of the 90s, we're inspired to bring those experiences into the future.

We believe that future runs on the blockchain. Join us as we build that future together.

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