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The Sushi Shaman Apothecary is created with the intention of rallying the #SushiSquad and the CNFT community to send love & healing energy to our developBEAR 🧸, Jason, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. 

Visit our blog to follow Jason's Journey. IF you'd like to send a gift: LINK

Some Stem Cell Donation Resources

Sushi shaman

Introducing the Sushi Shaman to the SushiBytes Universe. This particular character is one of many healers in our universe. She travels from land to land with her apothecary cart filled with healing items. Each item has their own medicine & are connected to an element. 

earth items cycle.gif


Items: marrow, mushroom, berries, radish


The earth element is feminine, grounding, nourishing and abundant. Earth represents infinite creativity found in this physical realm.

The apothecary

A collection of 1111 healing items with 40 varying rarities made with a whole lot of love. Each healing item is connected to earth, air, fire or water and all the magical medicine the elements offer. 


Items: laurel, obsidian, sacred ash, pestle & mortar

The fire element is masculine, transformational, purifying and joyful. Fire represents movement, intuition, passion and rejuvenation.

fire items cycle.gif
water items cycle.gif


Items: amethyst, blue lotus, turtle shell rattle, spirit water


The water element is feminine, ancestral, and emotional. Water represents deep knowing, healing and relationships.


Items: incense, balance, macaw & hawk feathers


The air element is masculine, intellectual, and communicative. Air represents the heavens, psychic abilities, imagination and travel.

air items cycle.gif
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