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Hi! I'm Boba Tea, I'm the software engineer on this team. I'm making sure that we can throw the SushiBytes in your face as soon as you ask for it.


What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?

I eat a lot of sushi, there is a sushi restaurant below my apartment, I'm surrounded by it... so why not? Did you know that 8 bits equal a byte?


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?


They are so cute and so much fun to work on! Additionally, whenever someone says something nice about SushiBytes, it invigorates me to keep pumping out code.


Hello everyone! Jenny here! I’m your idealistic unicorn and esoteric practitioner here to bring back the Nintendo era and spread some Cardano fairy dust. In real life, I crunch numbers and slay financial reports as a CPA.


What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?


Phil and I first started the SUSHI stake pool as a way to get involved in the Cardano community. We had both been investing and watching the market since 2018 and as Cardano reached a milestone, we would cheer in celebration. We wanted to create something of value that could be around for years to come, that can evolve with the ecosystem, and bring greater mainstream adoption. Why sushi? I grew up in a family run sushi restaurant. And I love food. Lol. Food brings everyone to the table and I believe a good meal can break barriers. The 8-bit idea is a throwback to our childhoods. The Game Boy and Pokemon motifs are nostalgic relics of our past. SushiBytes marries my love of food and video games.


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?

The world building excites me the most. I’m excited to bring even more video game components into the project. We will have a special way of breeding our SushiBytes that I think our community will really enjoy and interactive play has been a part of the vision since the beginning. I believe the current CNFT creators are all early adopters. I would like to see us all become legendary like Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres.

Hi! My name is @nickleyasss and I am a modern day curanderx (spiritual healer). I love treasure hunting, dancing and creating. 

What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?

When I think of sushi I feel all warm and happy inside. Sushi joints are places of celebration, excitement and fulfillment. That mixed with the nostalgia brought on by the look and sound of 90s video games inspires me to bring these feelings to the SushiBytes Universe. 


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?

It is a dream to create with my friends. This project will bring a bit more happiness and many more smiles to the world. <3

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Hola! Soy David. 

By day I'm a Sr. Program Manager in the high-tech industry. By night I'm a visual artist, entrepreneur,  and optimistic futurist. 


What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?


My friends inspired me to create SushiBytes!

We are a collective of bright young minds with a shared vision of the future. Our combined energies and talents come together (like Voltron) to manifest a brighter future. My friends are incredible humans.  


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?

I find 3 pieces most exciting about SushiBytes.

1. The boundless creativity & possibility!

2. A future on the Blockchain powered by Cardano.

3. Community building, engagement, and connection. 

Hi, I'm Dennyver and I am the illustrator on the SushiBytes team. I'm responsible for how these cute little guys look.

What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?

Boba Tea (Phil) reached out to me about the project because of my skills and our friendship. It was a collaborative effort to create the theme and we all decided to create something delectably cute!


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?

It's an amazing new platform and community for me to share something I love to do. I'm excited to learn and take this project further alongside my good friends.

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Hello there! I am Jason Poindexter a software engineer with a passion for building creative and fun mobile, web and IoT projects that include wireless LED art, LoRa, and of course cryptocurrency! I came a bit late to the project but immediately fell in love with the team members and the community!


What inspired you to create 8-bit style Sushi NFT's?


I love the idea of mixing something that is delicious with childhood nostalgia! When 8-bit games were first being released I definitely did not like eating sushi at that age and I don't think I would have appreciated it in a game. Now that I am older and LOVE sushi I am excited to collect and play with the all the different SushiBytes!


What excites you most about the SushiBytes Universe?

I love working on projects where the community and the creators are so passionate and excited about the product. Being able to bring joy to others while working on a project that is fun, exciting, and pushes the creative boundaries, is a dream come true!

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Hiya! My name is Leslie and I’m a lover for all things science fiction and science non-fiction! By day, I’m a sales intern for a cannabis tech company and by night, I’m the Marketing Coordinator of SushiBytes . Though I joined late, I’m glad to be a part of this budding community!

I grew up attached to my Nintendo DS and Gameboy. I’m also a lover of all things vintage and anything 8-bit is right up my alley. Along with this, I’ve always lived near the coast and regard sushi as king.

I’ve been following Cardano for a while now and am excited to explore and forge bonds in its expanding NFTverse.

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