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#SushiBytes Fan Art Highlights: @marshallchow

On April 28th Marshall submitted a super fun piece for our SushiBytes Fan Art Competition, Volume 1. It brought back such fun memories of riding the subway in Singapore & Tokyo. For the SushiBytes Fan Art Competition, Volume 2, Marshall submitted another incredible piece, this time one of his flow creations with his very own SushiByte as the subject. This piece continues to mesmerize me. The colors and the physics really capture my attention and shortly after had the opportunity to purchase one of their 'Gone Fishing' flow pieces. Follow along below as we learn more about Marshall and their art.

What other art do you create?

I used to enjoy doing photo-editing and video-editing a lot when I was younger but stopped when I got more involved with sport at school. Since then, never really did anything creative even though there always was the urge to!

What influences your style?

I like to think of my style as slightly quirky, always trying to be funny, and that's very much because of my personality. My friends always wonder what goes on inside of my head and they mostly conclude with "it's just Marshall". That said, I am also a very spontaneous person! So whenever something I like comes up, I will instantly take to it and if that's when I'm working on my art, that becomes the 'style' of that piece! My style with my project 'flow' is one that is focused on marrying physics and art well. The physics creates the structure of the piece, and often I don't have a clear picture of what the fluid flow will end up looking like, and just wait for it to surprise me. The art side of it is when thinking about how to post-process the fluid flow data into coloured contours, which tell a certain story or evoke certain feelings in me.

When did you get into art?

I still have trouble with the idea that I have "gotten into art" to be honest. Like, I still don't see myself qualified enough to be an artist per se. Though I am very thankful for the feedback and support I've gotten from the CNFT space so far that has motivated me to keep making more. I got into making NFTs I think in April 2021 when I saw how flow visualisation, which was mesmerising to me, had not been appreciated enough yet. The low barrier to entry to the NFT space was all the more incentive for me to hop on.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the audience?

Another important part of being in the NFT space is being able to use my work to help others! Cardano is a project that I took a liking to because I love the idea of using new technology to first help the unnoticed and to hopefully level the playing field for everyone. I released my first set of NFTs purely as a fundraiser for COVID-19 relief in India and I intend for all my works in the future to keep contributing to charity work.

Marshall you bring so much to the CNFT space, I am proud to call you a friend and the fact that you donate a portion of your sales to charity is so honorable. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see what you create next!

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