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#SushiBytes Fan Art Highlights: @ADARacers

This week I have the pleasure of highlighting @ADARacers! On the morning of May 20th the first thing I saw was a beautiful animation of a SushiByte with its BobaBit Miinons on an ADA Racer. It was submitted for the #SushiBytes Fan Art Contest, Volume 2 and would go on to win 2nd place. I was in such good spirits and motivated for the rest of the day & still look back at this piece when I need an extra boost of good energy. We have forged a friendship since then and I am grateful to witness the growth of this artist. Below you can see the step-by-step process that went into the creation of this piece.

Here is your chance to learn more about the creator behind @ADARacers & their upcoming work with The Atomic Heroes!

1) What other art do you create?

So my work outside of creating ADA Racers is actually as a freelance 2D animator. With ADA Racers everything from the design to the actual process of animating and editing my pieces is done by myself.
However as a freelance 2D animator I am often working in a team and what I create is usually the animation in itself and not necessarily the designs! A recent example of this is some of the animation I have been working on as a freelancer with the team over at The Atomic Heroes!

2) What influences your style?

I think throughout university and in the years since graduating I have slowly developed a style of animation and design through the process itself. So I wouldn’t say it is necessarily influenced by one thing. I have always been really passionate about video games since I was a kid so I guess that has been something I’ve drawn inspiration from in a lot of my work. In particular I love old video game art from the Sega Mega Drive / Nintendo 64 era!

3) When did you get into art?

I’d say I became interested in art as a kid like a lot of other people do! My Granddad worked as a sign writer in the UK painting classic pub signs and I would sit in his studio watching him for hours while scribbling away myself. I guess he was the one person that inspired me the most to pursue art further as I grew up and gave me the confidence to study it in college and University!


Example of some of the animation they have been doing with the guys at The Atomic Heroes!

@ADARacers, thank you for sharing your talent and brilliance with the world! I hope you continue feeling empowered and supported in this space, the world needs your art <3

p.s. congrats on the #CollaBits auction! You absolutely killed it!

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