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Jason & Tiffany Update Entries pt 3

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great day! Thank you for checking in on Jason & Tiffany! We have a backlog of updates so this one is going to be a bit of a long one, then we will be closer and closer to being the present.

BTW, the Full Moon is upon us, this is a great time to reflect on cycles that are coming to a close, banish patterns that no longer serve us and shine clarity on the path ahead.

Dec. 17, 2021- Jason

Yesterday I promised the nutritionist that I would wear this amazing Spirit hoodie (thank you Sara Caraballo and Reed Morse!) on my next morning walk around the hospital floor. I have been dealing with some cdiff so I also have to wear a gown and gloves when I leave and today it just so happened to be a large blue one. I looked absolutely ridiculous but had some good laughs from the staff. I told a group of nurses and doctors that I actually had lost a bet... that I wouldn't get cancer BAZINGA

Dec. 21- Jason

Ok, who sent this mini maxi pillow?!?

Dec. 22 -Jason

Day 25 - I have the entire hospital staff fooled. They think my walks around the hospital floor are for exercise when really I'm slowly digging an escape tunnel behind one of the hallway posters of Raquel Welch.

Dec. 23- Jason

Starting off day 12 of first chemo cycle with 1.3mile morning walk. Eat a big one cancer!

Dec 24- Jason

Went on a 1mile walk shortly after my bone marrow biopsy! When I first imagined what a bone marrow biopsy would look like I had a visions from movies and TV shows of the person receiving the biopsy screaming in the worst agonizing pain, but in reality it's really not that bad, even if you aren't sedated they give you pain meds and use local anesthesia. It's a short procedure, probably about 15 minutes including prep and pretty much just feels like pressure mixed with giving blood. Afterwards there is just kinda a tender and sore spot on the upper back part of the pelvis. Time for my after workout dinner!

Dec 24- Jason

Biopsy team left this in my room after they were done. What is it? Wrong answers only!

Dec 26- Jason

Yesterday we got the news that the preliminary results from the bone marrow biopsy came back indicating my first round of chemo had little to no effect on the Leukemia. This was hard to hear. I had been preparing myself to hear that the leukemia wasn't in remission but didn't expect to hear to the extent of no effect. The Oncology Doctors also suggested that I transfer to another hospital that specializes in AML for better treatment. I know it will be for the better. I really just had hopped at least we would see a little progress with remission. I felt sad, scared, and angry. I cried. My mind went back to bad places much like when we first got the original diagnosis. It's been hard to realign my perspective to where it needs to be again. It's definitely a process that requires patience, acceptance, and being grateful. Tiffany and I try to go over our gratitudes every evening.

Yesterday mine were:

* That the Oncology Dr checked up on my labs early and that upon seeing the results communicated with other Oncology Drs about next steps even during Christmas.

* For all Drs and nurses and staff that worked on Christmas

* I still walked 2 miles and feel good physically

* Tiffany and her family helped bring me in a delicious Christmas dinner and I got to eat it with my family over zoom

* My cdiff seems to be clearing up and I'm not running to the bathroom every hour or so lol

* The hemorrhages in my eyes haven't gotten worse

* I haven't had any fevers or mouth sores or caught anything while I'm neutropenic (no immune system)

* I made it through chemo with little to no side effects

* I have such amazing support from Family and Friends

Tiffany also has me imagine as if I was talking to myself as a kid and what types of encouragement I would give him in these situations, but he's mostly just interested with playing in the snow outside

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