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Announcement: Jason & the Sushi Shaman

It is not easy to share this news…SushiBytes’ developBEAR 🧸, @poindexter_json, was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. This diagnosis came as a surprise for Jason, his wife, their family, friends & our team.

If you have had the opportunity to meet Jason in one of our ama’s or interviews, you would know he is smiley, well spoken, charismatic and brilliant. He is so kind & full of love.

Jason recently finished his first round of chemo. He has been taking walks around the hospital when he has the energy. He is in good spirits and doing his best to engage in activities that feel good & creative for him.

Throughout all of this, Jason & Tiffany are looking at this experience as a way to help others through awareness & connection. SushiBytes is collaborating with them to share awareness around leukemia & how to register to be a donor & potentially help a fellow human heal.

This month, our team has poured our hearts & souls into creating our December collection in dedication to Jason. We would like to introduce the Sushi Shaman to the SushiBytes Universe. This particular character is one of many healers in our universe. She travels from land to land with her apothecary cart filled with healing items. Each item has their own medicine & are connected to an element.

On December 28th, we will be dropping a collection of 1,111. It contains 16 healing items, varying rarities & a whole lot of love. Our intention for this drop is to send Jason healing energy from the collective #SushiSquad & greater #CNFTCommunity. 50% of sales will go toward his medical bills to help alleviate some of the stressors during this turbulent time.

Along with this drop we will be launching a campaign to share information about leukemia and resources for those who would like to learn how to register to be a blood marrow donor. If you’d like to follow Jason’s Journey, please like Jason’s Cheer Squad on Facebook or follow our blog on

If you feel called to, we ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath & send Jason some high vibrational, loving & healing energy. We are so grateful for this community and the good energy it brings.

Love & Trust,

The SushiBytes Team

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