What is ADA?

ADA is cryptocurrency and is the native token of the Cardano blockchain. ADA can be used by anyone located anywhere in the world, given there is a stable network connection. The Cardano blockchain permanently, securely and transparently records every transaction. There are endless possibilities within this space and we are honored be powered by Cardano.  


How do I buy ADA? 


Various cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to buy or sell ADA. It doesn’t hurt to get verified for a couple of the exchanges in case there is a delay in processing.

How do I use ADA? 


To securely use your ADA you will need to keep your funds secure in a cryptocurrency wallet. Cardano recommends using Daedalus or Yoroi wallets for transactions. Cardano has put together a great resource for learning more about wallets. 


Pro tip: Write down your pass phrases & passwords in a safe place! You wouldn’t want your SushiBytes getting lost in space!

Online Workshop: Our SushiBytes team has recorded a workshop to walk you through the process of buying ADA, setting up and transferring funds to an approved wallet, and purchasing a SushiByte!

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