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To celebrate 🎊 🍾 our loyal supporters, we are hosting 8 weeks of 💝 giveaways. To be eligible you must be a member of your SushiBytes’ clans channel in our Discord 👾server.


What is a SushiBytes clan? 


You may have noticed 👀 each SushiByte has a different color headband. These headbands represent the clan each SushiByte belongs to. Each clan 🫂 has its its own lore and as a whole their stories 📖 make up the beautiful tapestry of the SushiBytes Universe ⭐ 💫 


How do I know if I am eligible to join a SushiBytes clan?


There are a few options for becoming eligible to join 🤗 a SushiBytes clan channel. 


Option 1:

   🍣 Own 3️⃣ SushiBytes with the same clan headband


Option 2:

   🍣 Own 5️⃣ SushiBytes from various clans


Option 3:

   🍣 Own 1️⃣ SushiByte

   🍣 Invite 🔟 people to our discord server (10 people must accept your  invitation to be eligible)


Option 4:

   🍣 Own 1️⃣ SushiByte

   🍣 Receive 🔟 retweets when you use #SushiSquad in an original tweet expressing your  excitement 😍 for SushiBytes


What are the next steps once I become eligible to join a SushiBytes clan?


☝🏽 Visit the SushiBytes Discord Server

✌🏽 Message any admin with a request to join your clan(s)

🖖🏽 You will need to send your wallet address that holds your SushiBytes & tweet link if applicable

🌟 🌟 🌟 this is manual for us & may take a few days to process your request🌟 🌟 🌟 


Now that I’m a member of my SushiBytes clan(s), how do I participate in the 8 weeks of 🎁 giveaways?


Each week you will have the opportunity to enter the giveaway by going to the Giveaway 🤖 Bot in the #clan-giveaways channels and clicking the celebrate 🎉 emoji.

Good luck!

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