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SushiBytes Social Samurai

We are looking for a team of 'SushiBytes Social Samurai!' Members of this elite social society are eager to share their excitement for the SushiBytes Universe & as a reward they earn special benefits. To become a Social Samurai must first prove their skills by competing for the limited positions.

Social Samurai Benefits
There will be levels at which loyalty gifts are unlocked.Some of these gifts include​​:
1. SushiBytes to host giveaways
2. Automatic clan enrollment 
3. Stickers, hat & other promotional items

Responsibilities of a Sushi Samauri
1.Tweet original SushiBytes tweets 3x a week
2. Host 1-2 SushiBytes giveaways 
3. Post 1-2 pictures with your SushiBytes swag
4. Own at least 1 Sushibyte
5. Invite 4-5 new members to our discord a week
6. Engage with their clan communities

You must prove your Samurai Skills by submitting an application.     

5 elite Samurai will be hand selected by the SushiBytes creators.   

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